who we are

Mimchik, a brand founded by Emma Marciano and Mia Kazovsky, makes achingly cool clothes for the “conscious hot girl.” Emma and Mia came together as a dream team in early 2022, set up by Emma’s older sister and Mia’s childhood friend. Emma was born into the fashion industry and took every opportunity to soak up her surroundings. She knew that starting a brand was in her DNA, and she dreamt of creating for other individuals who aren’t afraid to be different. Mia wanted to be a fashion designer since the second grade. While at Pratt Institute, Mia interned for Patti Wilson, Teen Vogue, and R13, learning many angles of the fashion industry. As Mimchik, Emma and Mia are doing things differently. They don’t bow down to the pressure to be constantly ‘on trend,’ but create clothes that everyone will want to wear. Mimchik is for consumers who want to have fun, and use their clothes to express themselves. The ethos behind Mimchik is to wear whatever, and to be whoever you want. The Mimchik muse is the life of the party – getting dressed for fun, not for attention.